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In case you hadn't noticed, I'm a bit of a science fiction fan. The 80s weren't nice to me as a result, but geeks run the world these days, so who's having the last laugh now, Susanna Helmsworth?*

(*The names of certain bullies have been changed to allow for the fact that they were just kids, and probably grew up to be awesome people with whom I'd now love to watch the upcoming Star Trek film. Assuming they're willing to realize its epic-ness. And that being a nerd is now the thing. And that my hair totally does not "do that weird flippy thing" that makes me "look like an uneven haystack in a flannel shirt." Eat your words and we can talk, not-Susanna.)

Ahem. Anyway... I'm thrilled to welcome young adult/sci-fi adventure writer and fellow Whovian, D.M. (David) Jarrett, to this little blog o' mine.

Mr. Jarrett, welcome! Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Hi, I'm David Jarrett author of the Sean Yeager Adventures book series. As well as writing I support Liverpool FC, play tennis, listen to music and catch films whenever I can. I enjoy Doctor Who, Star Wars and Top Gear among other things.

Tell us about your Aenathen series: Sean Yeager and the DNA Thief and Sean Yeager Hunters Hunted.
Sean Yeager began as a series of short stories. I liked the idea of an accidental hero who has his life turned upside down. During the series Sean learns about himself, his father and The Foundation. It's gradually revealed that his cosy little world is far more dangerous than he ever imagined.

With the series I wanted to write about how action, sci-fi adventures and real life collide. So in this series the hi-tech gear goes wrong from time to time. Also the heroes make mistakes and are sometimes impeded by their co-workers. I write visually as far as possible. I also try to plot as if the stories are films with lots of twists. I guess that's how my brain works really.

The first book - DNA Thief - is like an introduction to Sean Yeager's world and is pretty fast paced and full on. The second book - Hunters Hunted - introduces Emily as a co-conspirator. It's still action packed, but has scenes that are more reflective and almost supernatural in places.

Illustration of Agent Rusham by Joel Carpenter
You collaborate with illustrator Joel Carpenter to create the images around your series. How did that relationship come about and what makes it a good fit?
Joel is a very talented artist and helped me to visualise so many things about Sean Yeager's world. We met up and talked about what I was trying to do, which was originally a picture book. During the creative process I realised that I was headed for novels instead and so we adapted the usage and emphasis of the work. I would still love to do a graphic novel for both books and Joel is at the top of my list.

It's funny I think things about the stories evolved in my head partly through seeing Joel's work. I would suggest a brief and provide an outline sketch and then Joel would come back with some far better ways of composing the ideas. Some panels were very quick to agree and some took a lot of kicking around. I probably drive Joel nuts at times. (Sorry Joel.)

The majority of Joel's SYA artwork is displayed on

Your books feature an intelligent vehicle named Hermes. What was the inspiration for that?
I'm very interested in hi-tech vehicles generally, including cars. Within the first two books there are loads of gizmos and some serious hardware. Hermes came about as a decision to follow in the tradition of Thunderbirds, James Bond, UFO and the like. All these series have great vehicle designs and a toy range to match.

The aim with Hermes was to design a concept of a car that could fly, swim and drive. The idea being that alien technology has been hidden inside a seemingly ordinary looking sports car. The design itself took a lot of head scratching and eventually Joel and I came up with something I really do think could be built, at least as a road car.

What's next for Sean Yeager?
I have an outline plot for six books and I'm working on the detailed plot for book 3, Claws of Time. I won't give away any spoilers, but suffice to say it starts on a personal level and becomes a blockbuster style action story. Much like the first two books in fact and the themes really broaden out.

Do you have a favorite moment from your books, or a scene you're most proud to have written?
I like the fact that each of my beta readers has pointed out different parts of the books that they have enjoyed. On one level the Sean Yeager books are action shoot-outs and yet there are plenty of deeper strands in there as well.

I particularly enjoyed writing the scenes for Sean and Emily, because of the banter between them. I visualised a brother and sister teasing each other. Also, the action scenes seem to quicken the pulse on read back, which I take as a good sign.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?
Yes there's so much. A few pointers are:

1) Write often and expect to re-write drafts at least once, if not twice.
2) Know your target readers and give them (almost) what they want.
3) Find helpers for covers, proofing and editing. It is too much to do it all by yourself.

What is your favorite sci-fi television show, current or cancelled?
My current favourite is Doctor Who, because of the production and writing standards. I'm still pretty sore that a show called Defying Gravity was cancelled because I loved it and wanted to see where it was heading.

If you could trade places with any fictional character for one day, whom would you choose and why?
Harry Potter. He has a stick that can do almost anything, an invisibility cloak and some cool friends. What more could you ask for? Well yes, you could probably do without the Dark Lord trying to kill you all the time and Harry should probably borrow Hermes for a while. But then there's always that time turner to sort things out isn't there?

Otherwise, I'd like to be one of the pilots in Sean Yeager because of their cool gear.

Aliens crash in your backyard and offer to take you with them when repairs are finished. Do you go or do you stay?
It depends. If they are called the Vuloz I run a mile. If they are humanoid and I get to drive, I'm out of here!

Ninjas or pirates?
Ninjas with jet packs.

See, that answer nearly got you banned. But then you added the jet packs. I can't argue with jet packs. Where can readers find out more about the Sean Yeager books?
If you google Sean Yeager Adventures, there are snippets, reviews, pictures and articles all over the web. The website is at

The e-books are available in all reader formats and Sean Yeager and the DNA Thief is currently available in print. From mid-summer we plan to release both Sean Yeager books in print via all major online outlets.

Mr. Jarrett, thank you so much for visiting us.
Thanks for interviewing me.

About the books:
Sean Yeager and the DNA Thief
The first thrilling adventure in the Sean Yeager series.

A teen action, adventure, quest, thriller; with spies, aliens, robots, commandos and a whole host of gizmos and gear.

(Written for fans of Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, Star Wars, Men in Black and James Bond)

This is the Brigadier, don’t just sit there jump to it! Krankhausen’s on the loose again and we need your help to track him down. While you’re at it find out what’s so special about this Sean Yeager. Yes you may borrow a Foundation vehicle but Professor Quark wants it back in one piece do you hear? Oh and keep Mrs Yeager at arm’s length, she’s still upset about her missing husband. Don’t involve the police either they’re not too keen on our carrying weapons ever since we blew up that island, I mean building. Yes you can call in the Commandos if you need them, but don’t vaporise anything or anyone important. I’ve a very prestigious opera gala to attend and I could do without any embarrassing questions. Still here? Call yourself a Field Agent?

'Deserves to be read'
‘Rocket-fuelled mayhem that keeps you guessing to the last page.’
‘A roller coaster ride of surprises.’

Sean Yeager Hunters Hunted
The second exciting episode in the Sean Yeager Adventures series.

A teen, action, adventure, thriller; with sci-fi, spies, aliens, robots, clones and commandos. Hunters Hunted is a mystery quest set in a near real world.

Sean Yeager is moved to a secure mansion surrounded by forest for his own protection. He soon becomes bored and plots ways of meeting his friends and keeping himself amused. He meets Emily, who is also living at the safe house, and hears of a legendary treasure. Without realising the approaching danger they decide to search for the treasure, which is calling to Sean in his dreams. During his stay he meets a collection of new characters and bio-robots, but who can he trust? And will Sean and Emily succeed in finding the mysterious treasure before they themselves are captured?

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