It's That Time of Year Again

With back-to-school season in full swing (and right around the corner for many others), I'm very excited to be turning this piddly page of mine into a temporary nook of encouragement and awareness for those kids who may be dreading the return of the big yellow bus.

Bullying has always been a problem. But with the advent of social media -- where unkind words can reach a victim anywhere and at any time -- the problem has become an epidemic. Over the next few weeks, many important voices will be dropping by to chime in on the matter.

A handful of the wonderful authors to be featured:

Marcy Blesy ~
Ethan Erway ~
Zoe Cannon ~
Pearson Moore ~
Andrew Ashling ~
Peter Bradbury ~
Travis Hill ~
Nicholas Andrews ~

These posts will coincide with the Back-to-School Blog Tour (click on the gorgeous gif in the right-hand corner for more information) organized by the amazing Tiffany Turner, editor and head writer for the Indie Children’s Authors Connection.

I'll  also be donating foolproof lottery numbers and baskets of puppies to random visitors.*  So, be sure to check back throughout the month of September.

Do it for the puppies, people.

*Haha... no. No, I won't.