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The Series
 The Mosque Hill Fortune - The Sons of Masguard (Volume 1) *Now FREE from all vendors, including Smashwords and Barnes and Noble!* The first installment in a new series from Vivienne Mathews, this anthropomorphic tale is sure to strike a chord with fans of “Redwall,” “Watership Down,” and “Warriors.” Centered on a rivalry between two otter captains and the ancient threat that brings them together, it is an adventure-fantasy on the open sea, described by the author as “’Wind in the Willows’ with pirates.”
Also available in Paperback!
Guardian's Rise - The Sons of Masguard (Volume 2) *Also now FREE from all vendors!* The struggle continues in this second installment of The Sons of Masguard. With more swashbuckling magic, greater foes, and even greater twists of Fate, this is one adventure you won't want to miss. Also available on Barnes and Noble, or in Paperback!
The Rook of Corin - The Sons of Masguard (Volume 3) Currently being released by chapter on Wattpad.

Series Extras
The Sons of Masguard Companion Guide (FREE!) To be read in tandem with (or as an expansion to) "The Sons of Masguard and the Mosque Hill Fortune" this companion guide gives you on an in-depth look at the Kingdom of Secora, its citizens, and its mysteries. Includes glossaries, exclusive concept sketches, and never-before-seen characters. Also available on Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Scribd!
The Race to Mosque Hill: A Printable Board Game (FREE!)    The adventure continues with this Sons of Masguard themed board game. Complete with instructions, cards, pieces, and board, it's ready to be printed and played.
The Sons of Masguard Coloring and Activity Book (FREE!)   With crosswords, coloring pages, and puzzles of every variety, this activity booklet is sure to keep your kids entertained.

Picture Books
Jax and Mack Jax and Mack live on the back Of a star that fell in the sea. They barely eat and they seldom sleep, So they use all their free time to read. So begins the story of Jax and Mack, a rhyming picture book that teaches an enthusiasm for reading when a little boy encounters two magical creatures and introduces them to an even more magical place called the library. A perfect bedtime story for children of all ages. (29 pages)
It's a big and difficult world for a honey bee. This beautifully-illustrated, nonfiction book details just some of the threats this tiny insect must face as she struggles to support her hive. Learn about her opposition. Follow her as she goes about her work. And find out how YOU can help her on her quest. (Ages 4 - 8)
Owner, Dearest Friend A message of love from beyond the Rainbow Bridge.
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