The Most Important Book ~ An International Authors Day Post

If I were asked to describe the father I barely knew, the words that followed (take them as you will) would include references to Ansel Adams, Roger Miller, and Bill Murray. I'd smile as I recalled backyard picnics and homemade ice cream, guitar music and cigarette smoke. He loved animals, collected cameras, and was always ready with a good-mannered joke or a helping hand.

Of course, you'd have to take such rose-colored memories with a grain of salt.

I was ten he died of lung cancer. As everyone who has lost someone is bound to understand, processing grief can be a difficult thing for a child. Even now, it's little more than an uncomfortable series of foggy images without context. More than enough to make me recognize the fallibility of memory.

Six Things My VO Husband Wants Authors to Know About Narrators (And the Audiobook Process)

If you follow this blog, you're bound to be familiar with my husband. I often write about him because, apart from the occasional lost chicken, he's the most interesting thing to wander past my office on a daily basis. If not, all you need to know before diving into this post is that he earns his coin by yarking* into a microphone in a padded room every day. And, yes, he's the sane one in the relationship.

As a professional voice actor, he has been quietly (from afar, via a complicated, years-long series of grunts, groans, and barely-contained bursts of rage) teaching me exactly what to say in a post such as this. So, if you're unhappy with any of the suggestions or confessions listed here, take it up with him.**

1. Narrators don't have to read your book. They really don't.