Reader Alert: This Blog Has a Paucity of Speedos

It never would have occurred to me to warn people of this had I not taken a look at the search keywords responsible for bringing people to this site in the last week.

A rational author might concern themselves more with the fact that as many people stopped by to gaze upon the glorious Virginia Hey as were interested in the next release of the Sons of Masguard, but (being decidedly UN-rational, which is too a word) I was too distracted by the thought that someone came here looking for a person* in skin tight speedos and walked away disappointed.

Also, why "speedos," plural? Has it become customary to wear more than one at a time? Did they want to see a sequence of images wherein a person wore different speedos daily? Was this a personal endeavor born of strange interests or is there somewhere on this earth a valid, educational reason for in-depth research into the speedo-wearing habits of internet users? These are questions that need answers, people. 

While you're contemplating the (very important) potential responses, feel free to stop by BlogTalkRadio and give a listen to this enjoyable gab-fest between Becca Price, Arrington Flynn, and yours truly. I do a lot of giggling and use more fillers than should be legal, but Becca reads one of her fantastic fairy tales, so you'll enjoy it despite my presence, I promise.

Online Writing Radio at Blog Talk Radio with Indie Book Rebels on BlogTalkRadio

*At least, I'm assuming they were looking for a person. No one wants to see an elephant in a skin tight speedo, do they? Great. Now I'm picturing an elephant in a skin tight speedo. Thanks, internet.

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